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Kitchen Carpentry

Creating Better Homes offers kitchens carpentry services Dubai; most of the time, these are considered to be finish carpentry services. These are the projects that involve the installation of finish woods, which give areas such as kitchen cabinets, doors, skirting boards, paneling, or any other areas that will play a role in forming part of the finished interior of a building a finished appearance.

Carpentry Dubaii

Carpentry expertise is required for the routine installation of lovely new kitchens and wooden floors for our customers. This service is provided on a regular basis.

In the event that we decide to construct a new kitchen extension, we will also put our carpentry skills to use working on the roof. If we were constructing a cut roof, for instance, this would be an illustration of this concept. In this scenario, the timbers would need to be cut to the appropriate sizes before being constructed on site.

A cut roof is the traditional method of cutting timber on site to build a roof with elements including rafters, ridge boards, purlins, and joists. This method results in a roof that has a cut appearance.

The dimensions of the timber that will be used in the construction of the roof serve as the basis for this decision. Rafters and joists make up the structure of this type of roof, to put it more plainly. The rafters and the walls will not be able to bulge outward because of the joists, which will also provide support for the ceiling below.

In the end, the thickness of the rafter timbers needs to correspond with the width of the space between the rafters.

Trussed roofs are also made of wood, but unlike traditional wood roofs, they are typically constructed off site by a third party, who is then responsible for delivering the components and craneing them into place. If a trussed roof is required, then we construct it in this manner.

Building codes in effect today mandate that a comprehensive calculation be performed to determine the stresses, timber size, and angles involved in the construction of roofs. Because all of this can be done on a computer, prefabricated trusses from a factory are quickly becoming the industry standard.

There are a few skilled carpenters working for us here at Creating Better Homes, who are a part of our team. You can see examples of our work and the quality of the finish on a variety of our projects by visiting our various project pages.


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